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Build a Forever Friend for A Child

Let’s make everyday a holiday giving and making families.  Help us create a forever family for as many underprivileged kids as we can , a furry friend always by their side, to comfort them.  With a heart that beats when they cuddle.


Make a little life brighter with your donation today.

For those without a family or close friend.

Bring warmth and cuddles to show that we care.

Give a forever friend

For a little child, make a special day

Not just now but throughout the year.


This is also a program for foster kids by helping them deal with the trauma created by separation from their home or family.  The effect of trauma on a child’s life can significantly impact on their emotional state and decision making in their future life.

Join us at the next event. The success of our events depends on your involvement – no matter how small, it all counts. 


Everyone Needs A Family


If you are interested in turning your brand into a Socially Good brand join us – AS:



Our program brochure is available here:

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