Raised: $2,640 /$1,000,000

Fun day! Build, Learn and Play!

Help us make the LEGO build, learn and play experience more common and popular among New York City kids.   With your support we can collect enough building blocks and educational sets to administer it to public schools as part of the after school programs or as a weekend activity.

Teachers, kids and parents will come together on a Fun, Educational and Awarding day to raise funds and make this happen.

Teachers can win prizes such as ipads, school supplies and much more for their students and students can win LEGO sets and school supplies.


The more you give, the more there will be to be given. 


Ways to Give

  • Donate Blocks
  • Donate Money
  • Donate Educational Sets


If you are interested in turning your brand into a Socially Good brand feel free to contact us.

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