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The Next Generation - Our future is depending on your tax-deductible donations to help them become who they really are.

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2018 Kids Holiday Giveaways

Raised: 1,759$/150,000$

We are delighted to be hosting our annual children’s Holiday Giveaways. All throughout the months of December to February we will be giving away the top brands in toys,...


Build a Forever Friend for A Child

Raised: $249/$150,000

Let’s make everyday a holiday giving and making families.  Help us create a forever family for as many underprivileged kids as we can , a furry friend always by their side, to...


Fun day! Build, Learn and Play!

Raised: $2,640/$150,000

Help us make the LEGO build, learn and play experience more common and popular among New York City kids.   With your support we can collect enough building blocks and...


Fresh air for our urban kids

Raised: $1,695/$750,000

Every year kids go off to camp for the summer.  The average inner city day camps cost $300 and overnight camps start at $500 weekly and climb to almost $2000 USD weekly or...