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In our webinars our mission is to provide valuable S.T.E.M related education, training programs and tools containing fun and informative, high media content related to S.T.E.M –  highlighting the positive impacts in training with S.T.E.M at the earliest stage now and in the future.  Your participation in our webinars offers you the latest, cutting-edge information and training related to STEM products and toys; giving an edge in growing your knowledge and taking your classrooms and every day life to the next level!

In order to help kids focus more on education, we need to make them holistically healthier – a strong child contributing to their community as future problem solvers and creators.

As such, we are putting together our first webinar entitled “Asthma – The Killer”  because Asthma is one of the top reasons for school aged children being absent from school.

With specialist, professional speakers, celebrities engagement with the audience of students and teachers we will create informative, fun and fundraising webinars of high media content to support our causes, to bring lifelong learning, exploration and health to under-served children of our community,

Your support as a subscriber, member, corporate sponsor will guarantee that we get the most out of these webinars including prizes, scholarships, box subscriptions and more.


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