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Fresh air for our urban kids

Every year kids go off to camp for the summer.  The average inner city day camps cost $300 and overnight camps start at $500 weekly and climb to almost $2000 USD weekly or astonishing amounts of $16,000!

Parents can pay much to keep their kids in a safe, fun, learning environment while away from school.

Many urban city families in the low income bracket however, cannot afford these price levels and even if they could, camp spaces become quickly booked and unavailable.

Low income family kids are left behind, unattended, mostly bored and unstimulated.

Give them the opportunity to explore new adventures, be unplugged from devices, city noises, smells and negative activities. Given the fresh, clean oxygenated air can even heal common illnesses associated with city life and strengthen their immune system – increasing their chances of surviving in this concrete jungle. 



Ways to Help

Help us raise funds to acquire a Campground 2020 and other convertible green spaces in the city.

Ways to Give

  • Donate Money or Assets (Real Estate, Transportation, Stocks etc.)
  • Shop with AmazonSmile – (read in our blog What is ‘AmazonSmile”?)
  • Donate Blocks (send your box of used blocks to us and we will use in our next event).
  • Donate Educational Sets when you buy from our LIST of LEGO.EDU products

If you are interested in turning your brand into a Socially Good brand join us – AS:



Our program brochure is available here:


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