Creating a pathway to new opportunities

Young minds are faced with the complexity of surviving in the maze of diversity  struggling to survive, be recognized and making a financial anchor that will lift them out and upward to a brighter future.  Most of the times their opportunities are similar and saturated and highly competitive, leaving limited room for success.


By introducing coding and programming at an early age, it is our hope to expand the horizon in limitless opportunities and scopes of interest not only as careers but hobbies to exercise the mind.


In keeping with our mission, we are launching on a project to provide an afterschool program for all Public Schools in the  five boroughs of NYC by 2030.  This program would engage and empower students, creating habits of learning and exploring coding, programing and increased interest in science (in particular stem research).


It is our hope that we would be recording the beginnings of future scientist, architects and engineers of the world to solve problems and make a better, greener world from all corners of NYC.





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