Build A Forever Friend





An important part of children’s play is the opportunity to develop emotions and in this area soft toys make an excellent choice. Children learn affection and bonding with a favorite soft toy. When they themselves feel sad, insecure or even happy, their toy becomes a confidant. They express their fears, secrets and joys to their soft toy and in return receive the warmth and security of something they relate to. Young children often transfer their own feelings onto their soft toy, then proceed to comfort the toy. This helps children come to terms with how they are feeling and bounce back from traumatized situations.


A stuffed animals can also help kids with their separation anxiety. Having something to remind them of home when they go to school or daycare can be helpful.


Join us for a day of fun for your kids building their forever friends  and a forever friend for someone in need – so warm and cuddly to take home with them where the fun never ends with their new friend who is always there to listen, play and share.