Coding Workshop for Teachers



Learn to teach coding in the classroom or after school.

Empower kids to create. No coding experience needed. Start an After School Program for your
1st-8th Graders with possibility to win an iPad to assist you in your teaching.

Plant a seed for more opportunities later in life.

When you Register Now you will be among the first to gain access to Award winning STEM toys and tools to use in your classroom.

:: Qualify for up to 24 Continuous Educator Units (CEU’s)
:: Earn a digitally-encrypted employment credential
:: Access 1,000+ pages of editable K-12 STEM lessons
:: Expand the STEM competency level of your students
:: Increase your students interest in education
:: Increase their creativity and test scores
:: Help develop a healthy brain
:: Connect with a global, alumni base of STEM educators
:: Share your accomplishment on social media

Inclusive of

STEM, Robotics and Mechanics using award winning toys,
LEGO EDU blocks
Award winning coding toys and more…

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