Summer Taste It

Taste of Summer, Day Time event for kids of all ages

This Summer we are sampling with New Yorkers STEM activities that are fun!

  • Dishes from the top HOT food delivery providers with PARENTS COMPETING


  • BUILDING A FURRY FRIEND Courtesy our Sponsors (for month of GRIEF Awareness)


  • STEM in the BOX With subscription options and more.


  • ICE CREAM and SNOW-CONE Socials |Chocolate and Cheese








  • Creation of Cause Content Marketing Videos


  • Cause Content Streaming, Promotion and Advertising

This fun program and fundraiser for our upcoming STEM FUN PLAY indoor ACADEMY and PLAYGROUND.

Supporting this event associates your brand with brighter futures in STEM Careers for kids less fortunate using our Cause marketing mission to raise funds for our STEM / STEM CAMP Programs.

 Month of August Causes


National Black Business Month August 1
World Lung Cancer Day August 1
Esther Day August 3
World Elephant Day August 12
National Nonprofit Day August 17
Remember Slavery Day August 23
Women’s Equality Day August 26
Anniversary of the March on Washington August 28
National Grief Awareness Day August 30

We are already working on Cause Content Videos for August month. Awareness and Cause Marketing for SUMMER TASTE IT Sponsors will add value of 9 additional videos to be represented as your Socially Good Cause in 2023.