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Contributing to ICDS fundraiser associates you with our mission to make S.T.EM an integrated part of the regular public school curriculum, after school programs and camps that will open doors of opportunities and a reach beyond their current existence – making them better prepared to take the tech-reliant jobs of the future and participate in tomorrow’s economy , carving the world we live in while living rewarding lives.

Fresh Air

In New York City an Increasing number of children are losing contact with the natural world.  The parks are becoming more places for ‘mischief’ and less places for ‘free play’ and connection with the outdoors.  The purpose of the Fresh Air Program is to promote the importance of the natural environment in the experience of all children.

B.F.F. (Build A Forever Friend)

Children matter. The choices made for them does not have to decide their future – their mental or physical health. Help us repair the wounds, trauma as we donate an organic teddy bear to children who need the most.

We partner with reputable local and national charities in the United States to ensure our gifts reach the right little hand: to help them make the right choice.