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Under the umbrella of education our aim is to make a healthy, happy child capable of learning and playing.


In order to prepare them for the future we need to include ‘more STEM” in their daily lives.  This will ensure that they are ready to take on the challenges in the workplace and life allowing them to participate in the global economy,  giving them the added edge to compete in the world of the future.


We need to establish the reconnect with nature as part of building stronger immune system and relationship to our well being. With their knowledge and skills they will engineer solutions to solve our global issues, including climate change.


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STEM in the classroom
Fresh Air for our Urban Kids
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Our Programs

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Our projects are anchored on education - emphasizing youth development through programs of healing and rejuvenating by using funds injected or raised to educate teachers and students alike on STEM along with a background of making school aged children healthy and receptive to learn, create and explore limitless possibilities with our “fresh air” activities and “building a forever friend” to teach them how to cope. Without your contributions we cannot make a difference.

Cause Marketing

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I.C.D.S. (Integrated Communications and Digital Solutions) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based in New York City.

We are using Content / Cause Marketing with Social Good in mind to fund causes, programs and projects for undeserved / underprivileged urban children giving them access to tech education,  making them future creators and proper decision makers. With content creation activities that help solve the needs of our community which include: Webinars, Workshops, Camps, Events, LiveStreaming, Broadcasting, Podcasts and donations with the help of our Contributors and Sponsors.

Strategic Partner

Icon Heading is your strategic nonprofit charity partner for:

  • Co-branded marketing campaigns that engage teachers and parents and prepare our next generation to meet challenges and find solutions using STEM education.
  • Promotions inspired by the integration of science, technology, engineering and math in cooking, crafting, art, nature or outdoor adventure and sports
  • Products featuring the integration of science, technology, engineering and math
  • Spectacular and rich media content from collaboration of respected sources
  • Extraordinary stories of real people making a difference (Celebrates and Catalyst)
  • Turn-key activation in the media and advertising capital of the world CAUSE MARKETING PLATFORMS

  • campaigns, such as our Creative Content Platforms
  • Trademark licensing, sweepstakes, giveaways and promotional agreements
  • Commercial co-ventures, with donations by consumers or corporations
  • Countries in America (from north to south), Africa, Asia, and Oceania
  • Scholarships or apprenticeships for under-served youth and teens