Is Online Schooling Right for Your Child?

Power in their fingertips. Controlling their future.

Online education may not be a good fit for every child, however as the debate continues on when school reopens in most states, if they will reopen and how much in-person versus virtual education will be provided – you need to keep your child on par with their curriculum and give them the added edge with skill sets that keeps their passion in learning alive.

2020 social setting of the school classroom is being slowly replaced with the social setting of virtual classrooms where the children are still able to socialize and interact while learning in a safe and stable environment – the security of their home.  There are options to meet in groups online by grade, school or school mates.

Concerns for maintenance and safety in school is growing in this time of the pandemic and parents who fear for their children safety are opting out of in-person learning entirely,  choosing to home school their children by just sending in their Intent to Home School letter.

Your children don’t have to take a bus or car to school just drive conveniently online to their virtual classroom. Especially convenient as more parents are working from home and not commuting to work. You can pay more attention to their academic growth and holistic development.   They set their schedule without location, transportation or weather barriers and have time to fulfill their passions or other skills.

Lay foundation to fundamental 21st Century Skills

Online schooling can be tailored to fit individual academic needs (with one-one teaching) or in virtual groups or pods (with their classmates or co-graders). It can be an extension to classroom learning as in the case of STEM education where they are laying the foundation to fundamental 21st Century Skills and understanding how those skills when applied changes the decisions made and how things work.

Children with disabilities, celebrities and home schoolers have been using virtual classrooms for years.

Your opportunity to switch from the gears that role the wheels to prepare your kids for college and the future by understanding the concept of being responsible for their own work can start now.

Let the miracles of STEM be a part of their everyday lives.

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