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For some, this may be a discovery but STEM is everywhere and it is part of everything.
Stop, look at the thing that you love to do the most and you will see it for yourself. There may be a science or engineering, technology and definitely must be math.
You can find STEM in cooking, dancing, art, even thinking and we can go on and on.
Essentially, STEM is a teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together into a single, cross-disciplinary program.

What is more.STEM?

ICDS is developing a program of more.STEM to help kids understand the needs of the real-world environment and fast changes that our planet is going through.
Focus on young individuals / youth to pursue, in the early stages of their lives a better understanding of how everything is connected and cross-linked.
Without the integration of all four disciplines and the use of real-world teaching methods, students don’t get the educational benefits that make STEM so valuable and careers in STEM fields so desirable.

Why children need more.STEM?

Integration of all four disciplines – the STEM program uses cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve problems.

This essentially means that the traditional learning style incoming freshman are used to – typically some form of memorization and recitation of information – is pretty much out the window.

STEM forces the student to approach education in an active and exploratory way. This makes learning a ton of fun. The Student do not learn in a traditional classroom settings – they are actually going to experienced what they are learning.

Student have an active role in producing cutting edge technologies or ground-breaking discoveries actively doing real work in the discipline that they’re in the process of mastering.

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