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Your Contributions Will Make a Difference.

Contributing to ICDS fundraiser associates you with our mission to make S.T.EM an integrated part of the regular public school curriculum, after school programs and camps that will open doors of opportunities and a reach beyond their current existence.


To ensure that the children in over 600 public schools receive the latest, cutting-edge information and training related to STEM, we have structured programs to cultivate healthy, happy children loving and learning while they play – better enabled  to learn more STEM. By opening the doors of opportunity with technology training and tools we can transform them from consumers to creators.

more STEM
  •  Heal them of emotional trauma
  •  Give them opportunity to overcome extreme poverty
  •  Help them explore technology
  •  Discover new interests
  •  Collaborate with one another
  •  Teach  them to solve real-world challenges
  •  Participate, play and engage in competitive events both digital and live.

They will be better prepared to take the tech-reliant jobs of the future and participate in tomorrow’s economy , carving the world we live in while living rewarding lives.


Your social impact will not only address the looming shortage of skilled science, technology, engineering and math workers and the lagging performance of students in science and math throughout but attract a new generation of scientist, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and dreamers, creative, artistic and innovative students to solve the future problems related to science and math.


Too many miss out on this experience because their families cannot afford it. With your support and our social impact we will be able to certify more teachers in STEM education and give them the resources needed to enrich their students in the classroom, after school and with seasonal camps. Well deserving children can receive scholarship funding  S.T.E.M.-Accredited® courses and competitions throughout the five boroughs of New York City.


You can also get onboard as an annual member and support our cause content about STEM in the form of webinars, live streaming and live events and more.


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