Once upon a time –

Wait a minute!  Thus is not a fairy tale fiction, it is the real story of how we messed up the world we live in so much that it now messes us up.  Like artificial chemicals, insecticides like arsenics that poison our SOIL and us in return.  AIR pollution with smoke, smug, chemicals and gases emitted by the foods we must eat.  WATER POLLUTION with garbage and non biodegradable plastics used to create products we use daily…  I could go on and on but we all know what is happening and who is to blame.

Pollution does not pick individuals, time or place. You do not pick pollution, pollution picks you.

As my mother use to say ‘if you have nothing good to say, then be quiet!’.

So, just once let us shine the light on people who are doing something to help, whether to fix things or establish better / more economical methods of using not abusing the resources we have.





See what we are doing about one of the major problems and how you can help in our mission to make stronger children and positive problem solvers. Take a proactive decision  to address one of the health issues associated to air pollution –  asthma by tasting our POP UP Restaurant meals on (available DOORDASH soon).






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  1. Kelly

    amount of humans i saw throwing trash directly to the pavement in the city or amount of garbage in the nature is devastating. i see solution for the pollution only in education of our young generations because above age 20 most of so called adults are nasty with beyond nasty habits that is hard to change. they are polluting earth with behavior about life it is ok to be nasty. i apologize but we have to state the facts!

    Reply 2023-03-22 at 5:12 am
  2. Scott

    Good day! – thank you for presentation of 11 facts about Asthma not many people know.

    Reply 2023-04-15 at 5:31 pm
  3. Padwe

    Pollution start with gas releases from the beef on the fields to exhaust from the muffler across and beyond abuse of plastic and abnormality of human animal. There is solution for pollution – follow up and support people who care.

    Reply 2023-04-18 at 11:47 am

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