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Press Release, October 2019

Integrated Communications and Digital Solutions presents


Meals to Make Unique Family Memories | Tickle their bellies, tickle their minds | Bringing more STEM in their lives


Beginning Dec 6th at The Institute of Culinary Education –  Featuring professional chefs and showcasing the best STEM toys and tools for kids of all ages.


Bring the entire family for a deliciously fun time – cooking while integrating STEM in a natural, meaningful context—with delicious results. Learn about measurement, patterns, chemistry, properties of matter, cause and effect, and make a memorable moments. This Family Cooking class is designed to teach families healthy eating habits filled with natural healing and preventative ingredients and to raise funds and awareness for our programs to encourage more STEM in our daily lives in particular – the public schools.


The great Albert Einstein once said “The important thing is to never stop questioning”


STEM is the Universal Language that will connect and solve problems across the world and take our children to other Universes. It also lays down the foundations for future academic success because the skills learned ignite a contagious curiosity in other academic subjects such as the arts, history, and writing at a very early age. Teaching STEM in the early years encourages independent and collaborative learning, allowing children to develop their communication and problem-solving skills and make those vital connections between everyday life and the STEM disciplines. Every child deserves to be empowered with the ability to discover, create and explore – the world around them.


To quote Benjamin Franklin

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”


The National Maths and Science Initiative stated that, “The U.S needs 1 million more STEM professionals over the next decade than it is projected to produce at  the current rate.” 80% of the jobs in the next decade will require technology skills.


With more STEM programs and increased participation in STEM subjects, improved attainment of skills related to STEM can lead to a more well-rounded education that better prepares children for future careers in STEM related fields.  This will ensure that they are ready to take on the challenges in the workplace and life allowing them to participate in the global economy –  giving them the added edge to compete in the world of the future.


Like Verizon, we need to invest in “powering a smarter future”


Your Corporation’s gift to employees through ticket purchases can also be a gift of more STEM in the classrooms, and the gifts and special guest (SANTA CLAUS and surprise Celebrities) at our Christmas After Party.

For group discounts on ticket purchases and information about becoming a sponsor please contact Nicole Duric at ph: 646.374.2884 or Email:

Integrated Communications and Digital Solutions uses Content / Cause Marketing with Social Good in mind to fund causes, programs and projects for undeserved / underprivileged urban children giving them access to tech education,  making them future creators and proper decision makers.


Your ticket purchases will help finance our mission to provide more tech education – making science and STEM  integrated in the classroom and their daily lives at the earliest stage.