Nicole Duric

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Co-Funder & CEO

I have always loved children and wanted to teach them. In one of the religious study sessions with the Nun at our convent, I confessed that I would never be a Nun because I wanted to have 21 children. Well minus twenty and that is number I have.

In my early teaching days as a volunteer kindergarten teacher, there was a boy who would never do as he was told – not paying attention, not doing school work. So one day, I took the advice of my cousin – an experienced teacher and tried bribery. I told him that at the end of the day I would give him $5 if he paid more attention in class, and you know what he did – So, I was short for five dollars.

But the next day he was ready, bright and responsive to earn another five dollars. I thought for sure I would need a real job if I kept this up. I realized something that week. This boy was solving a problem – his hunger. He was coming to school hungry and with the money I was giving him, he could buy food and focus on learning. Well, I solved his physical hunger but I thought how could I make him-hungry for knowledge?

Today, I found the answer – STEM.

It awakens a contagious curiosity in kids that not only keeps them asking questions, but finding the answers sometimes on their own. They create, explore, investigate without even being asked.

By introducing them to STEM, we are not only helping them to solve their own problems but that of their local and global community to give both them, and ourselves a brighter future.

Give them purpose, direction….give them STEM. Help us raise funds to start STEM Camp this year and provide STEM in their every day life.