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I.C.D.S. (Integrated Communications and Digital Solutions) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based in New York City.

We are using Content / Cause Marketing with Social Good in mind to fund causes, programs and projects for undeserved / underprivileged urban children giving access to tech education making them future creators and proper decision makers. Content creation activities that help solve the needs of our community which include: Webinars, Workshops, Camps, Events, LiveStreaming, Broadcasting, Podcasts and donations with help of our Contributors and Sponsors.

Formed as a way to use our expertise and passion for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content that attracts, acquires and engages our audience across our platforms and popular social media platforms.

With so many fixes and improvements needed in our global community, we decided to start where we could make lasting and habit forming impressions. With small steps at a time and your support we hope to make big leaps in changing the way the wheel spins and catalyst its movement in a positive direction to influence and engage more and more people in fun, educational and sportive ventures which will help us all learn how to live better and create a better environment to live in. 

We do this by networking for social good with local individuals, businesses, other non profits and international sponsors, benefiting them with exposure of their BRAND in our content created which informs, educates and benefits the community. 









Volunteers Welcome

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Volunteers are an essential resource for many associations and non-profits such as Integrated Communications and Digital Solutions.

We welcomed all the volunteers for their active participation. It would be great fun to be a part of I.C.D.S.ngo. – Kindly register as soon as possible. We hope you all are prepared to participate actively and provide your best efforts. Take action to help create a better future for our children!

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Find out how you can volunteer and participate in: Webinars, Workshops, Camps, Events, LiveStreaming, Broadcasting, Podcasts and more.

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Share your love and gifts while supporting Social Good Cause of ICDS.ngo